About Dove Creek Cafe

Located in the City of Roanoke, the unique dining capital of Texas is Dove Creek Café, famous for its Southern American home style cooking. What makes us unique is the fact that our food is “just like my Momma made it.”

Our specialty is breakfast with a wide selection of egg items which include omelets. A customer favorite is Texas Hash which is hash browns scrambled with eggs, veggies and your choice of bacon, ham or sausage. Customers drive for miles to get our eye-popping biscuits which are huge and perfect to top with our creamy pepper gravy.

When was the last time you had meatloaf? Or a perfectly made Chicken Fried Steak slathered in cream gravy? How about crunchy Chicken Fried Chicken or Chicken Livers & Gizzards? Just a sample of the home cooking that you are missing. See our menu section for our full selection of items. We also have daily specials, Monday thru Friday, but one of the items we never change is the made-from-scratch Chicken and Dumplings every Wednesday.

Customers love the food, the “family friendly” atmosphere, their favorite servers and the exceptional service. We have an extremely strong loyalty base among our customers. In fact, we still have customers who we inherited with the purchase of the Café so many years ago. We have gone on to the having a breakfast “regular” group and a lunchtime “regular” group and several prayer breakfast groups. Ran into an older customer the other day and he asked if we remembered his grandchildren he used to bring in for breakfast so many years ago. They loved to watch the trains across the road go by and they still talk about The Dove even though they are now in college.

Another thing that’s rare to find in the world of dining today is a Café that has been owned and run by one family since 1993 – going on 25 years! Not only is the cooking FAMILY style, the management is based on “We are a Family” extending to every one under our roof. We have a staff member who is still with us after 20+ years, others 10+ years, in this industry that is rare.

Live entertainment is another part of our history and we continue the tradition today – Tuesdays we feature a mix of Elvis performers and other lively groups and Fridays are gospel music by performers from all around the country. Just come and have a meal (BYOB), sit back and be entertained.

Please come and check us out, we promise you won’t regret it.